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Making the difference on our planet takes more than just converting sunlight into electricity.


It's more than just electricity that keeps our environment running.  Without water, life could not exist as we know it. Our project is about bringing massive quantities of fresh water into the places our planet needs water most, while simultaneously creating an abundance for all humanity by means of the plantings necessary to prevent erosion.

Monday, November 9th

We are currently accepting applications for administration coordination and executive roles. Please email us at


Those with a background in organizational development and structured team building are encouraged to send references and resumes.


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The Water Movement is a project of the Global Community Network, an organization founded on the belief that we can make a difference worth making.

Spreading hope & awareness of global issues.

Informing people about inclusive solutions.

Getting people involved with creating change.

Presenting a vision for an amazing future.

Sharing science and technology with people.

Building better community wealth for the future.

  • Educational Living Science Facilities.
  • Sustainable Water Infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Farming Technology.
  • Sustainable Technology for Living.
  • Economic and Personal Prosperity
  • Stronger Community Connections

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