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About us

The Water Movement is a project of The Global Community Network, an organization of concerned citizens and organizations.  We are people whom, and groups which, have chosen to begin making a difference in our world.  While we may all be working towards different projects, the goals are roughly the same.  Because of this, we've realized we can work together more efficiently and therefore achieve greater good for all.  While this began as the work of one man standing upon the shoulders of giants, our project exists by the assistance of many.

Harmonization in this context has many implications.  Global sustainability is not merely a goal, it is an absolute necessity, and a factor which provides a unqiue opportunity worldwide for balancing the complex systems upon which our lives collectively depend.  Beginning with that most precious substance with which all life begins, and moving right on down the line into every aspect of a satisfying and enjoyable life.  We all deserve it all.  We are all worth it, whether it is having clean drinking water, fresh air to breathe or a nice meal; it is all part of the bounty this earth lovingly supplies.  Of course we all deserve compensation and motivation to perform the acts we perform to achieve the many interlacing goals we achieve to be our own selves.  It is such a beautiful life, and despite quite a number of pressing global issues, the means by which to bring agreement amongst people and to provide for all these people, and those yet to be, are essentially the same instruments, and that is a convenient reality.


In order for this vision to be realized, this must be not only a movement of the water on this planet, but also a movement of the people. Our project is based on the strength of community and a few relatively simple facts of physics.  We like to consider this a convenient reality which allows us, as a people, to answer an inconvenient truth by harnessing the forces of the universe and our own actions to produce profound changes over the course of time.  We believe that by instigating a change in the consciousness of humanity, we can create a future we will be proud to provide for our progeny.  In our every deliberation, this is a focal point tightly integrated with what drives our day to day operations.  We invite you to join us in our mission.


We Are All About Moving Forward The Large-Scale Development Of Focused Solar Energy Solutions


There was a time when we were told it couldn't be done.  It has now been proven.  Focused solar radiation can be utilized to produce what is know as supercritical water, and if you're interested in pushing a modern steam turbine, it is a necessity.  Water is considered supercritical when it is boiled at pressure.  Getting water to a temperature over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit at a pressure over 3,000 PSI is complicated, yet imminently possible using solely concentrated sunlight.  This major breakthrough allows for concentrated solar energy as a viable large-scale power generation source on our planet while simultaneously allowing for the massive, large-scale activation and purification of that most precious natural resource, water.  These processes are both clean and sustainable.  Focused solar energy gives humanity the choice for a future without dependence on pollution for energy.


We Are All About Developing Hydration Channeling Baqueducts For Large-Scale Worldwide Irrigation


By directing the massive, large-scale movement of water, that most basic resource necessary for our existence, at key locations worldwide, we have the opportunity to restore a natural hydrologic flow in places where our planet has been in complete scarcity for this necessary resource.  Through our process of flash vaporization and supercritical elevation, we are able to simultaneously produce clean energy and fresh water, either desalinated from ocean sources or purified from inland sources. This water elevation technique allows for deep inland reach of irrigation systems and interconnection of vast habitat restoration projects throughout areas devastated by the effects desertification.  For the future of humanity, this means news sources of agricultural and economic development in areas which can benefit greatly from international support, engineering and community coordination.


Who We Are Is All About You!


Our project exists to cultivate a globally sustainable system for providing a healthy environment worldwide for every living being.  This includes you!  We are always looking for more goal-oriented individuals to work within our organization to promote global change for the betterment of humanity.  We are currently seeking to fill a number of positions, including but not limited to Administrative Coordinator, Community Outreach Managers and a variety of other innovative positions.  Apply by emailing today! 

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